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Polski system medialny w globalnej przestrzeni nowych technologii

  1. Katarzyna Konarska


Digital revolution which leads to homogenization of the media and cross-border communication is accompanied by the globalization of services and media companies. Not only do these phenomena become common but also dominate contemporary media markets, particularly those of Central and Eastern Europe treated as de veloping countries and therefore being placed at the bottom of a democratic ladder. Yet, the key issue is the question of local and national systems’ future which have come under strong pressure from these mechanisms. The changes taking place on the Polish market seem to be very interesting; a certain law collar prevents from an invasion of global companies and, at the same time, overpowers the development of domestic players, particularly public broadcasters, whose fate seems to have been decided particularly in the face of recent legislation changes and a progressive technological revolution.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

3, 2012. Przemiany świata mediów

Strony od 19 do 33

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