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Innowacyjne instrumenty odpowiedzialności mediów w wybranych europejskich systemach medialnych

  1. Paweł Urbaniak


The article describes innovative, that is presented in the Internet, instruments of media accountability, which together with so-called established instruments make up the conception of Media Accountability Systems (MAS) formulated in the 90s of the last century by Claude Jean Bertrand, who defined MAS as “any non-State means of making media responsible towards the public.” The author of the article aims at classifying the most important instruments of media accountability, which have appeared over the last two decades in online communication. The theoretical characterization of specific instruments is depicted by the examples of individual solutions from chosen European media systems. Moreover, the aim of the article is to show the advantages of these innovative instruments which already influence and obviously will have even bigger influence in the future on the increase of ethical standards in individual media cultures.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

3, 2012. Przemiany świata mediów

Strony od 179 do 189

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