Mity założycielskie powojennego Wrocławia

  1. Andrzej Zawada


Founding myths of post-war Wrocław


The author raises the key question of whether modern Wrocław has a founding myth. In the article, he discusses several possible invariants of Wrocław’s founding myth after World War II. The reconstruction myth is considered as the first one in terms of chronology and axiology. It is followed by the myth of the Kresy [Borderlands], the myth of the Piasts, the myth of multiculturalism and the myth of the Meeting Place. The article also includes a description of the transition from strangeness, conflict and hostility to diversity, cooperation and curiosity. The author emphasises the role of the media in making urban space familiar and in promoting the values related to the city as a cultural phenomenon.

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This article

Dziennikarstwo i Media

1, 2011. Przestrzenie komunikowania

Pages from 45 to 53

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