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Przekład a współczesna popkulturowa narracja religijna — analiza w oparciu o amerykańskie chrześcijańskie strony internetowe

  1. Anna Bednarska-Stec


Translation and contemporary pop-cultural religious narration


The purpose of the text is to define, on the basis of American Christian websites, how religious messages function in the structures of popular culture. Giving to this issue the context of a broadly defined translation (as transfer of a message from one language to another), identifying the sender with the translator (in a metaphorical sense) and defining his or her aims made it possible to better understand the essence of the problem. Religious messages are adapted to mass culture’s structures and this process takes into account communication possibilities of both a medium and its users. This analysis enabled the author to distinguish and describe such characteristics of pop-cultural Christian narration as marginalisation of the religious content, communicativeness and emotionality.

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1, 2011. Przestrzenie komunikowania

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