Rewolucja czy naturalna ewolucja? O roli nowych mediów w komunikowaniu politycznym

  1. Kamil Łyżwa


A revolution or a natural evolution? On the role of new media in political communication


In the classical model of political communication information flows from the political system via the mass media to society. Feedback substantially can be expressed in participation in elections. Internet seems to be a medium that can significantly stimulate the systemic passive citizens; and for politicians can be an opportunity to be decoupled from the information hegemony of the „old” media. This article attempts to answer the question of how the observed changes are a natural evolution of society towards the civil society, as far as the revolution resulting from the somewhat unique nature of Web 2.0.

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This article

Dziennikarstwo i Media

1, 2011. Przestrzenie komunikowania

Pages from 143 to 161

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