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Parasol noś i przy pogodzie, czyli prognoza pogody jako tekst

  1. Justyna Janus-Konarska


Carry an umbrella even in good weather — the weather forecast as a text


Television is an attractive subject of research because of the nature of audiovisual and multi-impact message to the recipient. In the process of communication involving different semiotic codes: code of gestures and facial expressions, code of temporal and spatial phenomena, the iconic code, code of voice phenomena, acoustic code and language code. Television text remains on the border between written and spoken text, as transmitted by the acoustic channel. The aim of this article is to analyse the specific change of television form — weather forecast. Material for work is based on the author’s personal experiences as a weather presenter in public television in Wrocław, as well as recordings of weather forecasting in TVP, TVN and TVN Meteo.

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1, 2011. Przestrzenie komunikowania

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