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O niekonsekwencjach w powyborczym dyskursie PiS-u. Pragmalingwistyczne studium przypadku

  1. Jacek Grębowiec


On the inconsistencies of PiS’s post-electoral discourse. A pragmalinguistic case study


After the failure of parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2007, PiS leaders did not participate in public debate concerning their mistakes, which have been made during the realization of IVth RP project and also during the election’s campaign. Instead, as if against hard facts, they proclaimed victory, admittedly not electoral but moral. This tone reverberated as far back as in the memorable speech made by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, when he said: ‘we have changed Poland’, ‘we have captured 5 million votes, half more than the number of votes in the previous elections’, ‘everything we have done for Poland during this two years, […] reached the consciousness of many people’. As a matter of fact, this type of reasoning accompanies us to this day, although it is not an original idea of neither party leader nor even president, but their closest advisors. In the present article I try to explain some of the mechanisms used in this communication strategy.

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1, 2011. Przestrzenie komunikowania

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