Snakeskin jacket. O medializacji gospodarki

  1. Dominik Lewiński


Snakeskin jacket. On the mediatisation of the economy

The article is an attempt to explain the phenomenon of consumerism in a systemic-constructivist theoretical perspective. The assumption is that “consumerism” is a semantic correlate of the mediatisation of the economy and has emerged through co-evolution, interpenetration between the economic system and the mass media system. Communication processes that have conditioned and determined the emergence and development of consumerism are: the process of individualisation and the related process of diversification of intimate communication (love, friendship). The notion of brand is a generalised symbolic medium for the networking mentioned above: the brand contains economy, media, individualisation and society components.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

4, 2013. Marka, media, komunikacja

Pages from 17 to 31

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