„Do licha! Ileż tu informacji!”. Infografika jako gatunek dziennikarski

  1. Kamil Bałuk


“Damn! What a load of information!” Infographics as a journalistic genre

The article is an attempt to gather information, available in Polish- and English-language sources, about infographics in Poland and the world. The author tries to establish whether and why infographics are an autonomous genre and — in greater detail — a journalistic genre. He briefly discusses the history of communication by means of images and suggests a typology of infographics. He cites research concerning the understanding of information by those to whom infographics are addressed in comparison with classic texts, as well as events and contests associated with infographics. In addition, the author considers the development prospects and the future of infographics in the Polish and international media.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

4, 2013. Marka, media, komunikacja

Pages from 153 to 174

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