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Kreowanie medialnego obrazu świata przez narzucanie odbiorcy punktu widzenia nadawcy

  1. Rafał Siekiera


Creating the media image of the world by imposing the sender’s point of view on the receiver

The article focus is on the issue of imposing the point of view — phenomenon typical of human language communication. Prerequisite of this assumption is a belief that subjectivity of cognition makes every language utterance a medium of someone’s point of view (it is possible because of constant semiosis, which gives meaning to particular experiences). The article is mainly focused on imposing the point of view by journalists on receivers. This phenomenon has three main forms: juxtaposition-comparison, metaphor and designation-labels. In consequence, certain lingual (and mental) world view is preserved among receivers of media reports.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

4, 2013. Marka, media, komunikacja

Strony od 239 do 248

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