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Dziennikarstwo medialne i jego rola w kształtowaniu dziennikarskich kultur

  1. Paweł Urbaniak


Media journalism and its role in shaping the journalistic cultures

Media journalism is an important element of the media accountability system. It is reflected in trade media concerning journalist activity. Simultaneously, media concerning media constitute one of the most common mechanisms of journalistic environment self-regulation. They can realize both the control/critical function through stigmatizing the examples of unethical behavior observable on the media market as well as the motivating function through, for example, rewarding the journalists and media exhibiting the high level of professionalism. The author of the article attempts to characterize media journalism by pointing out in the chosen media systems the activities and initiatives exemplifying the environment control of the journalists in the trade media.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

5, 2014. Media zmieniającego się świata

Strony od 59 do 67

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