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  1. Mariusz Wszołek


Market differentiations in advertising

In the present article the author examines theoretical concept of market differentiations in Polish advertising, focusing in particular on press advertising. Market differentiations are understood in the article as a mechanism for generating and maintaining brand or product experience, or experience of an entire sector of the economy. These are cognitive-interpretative categories through which emerge product differentiations in possible communication offers. Market differentiations produce worlds of experiences, using relevant communication constructs for the purpose; they point to paradigmatic communication possibilities in a given situation and, taking into account static advertising, in a given market sector. From a functional perspective, market differentiations organise the communication system with regard to the production of brand/product experience by making it possible to communicate brand/product value by means of relevant communication constructs. Market differentiations are also responsible for intrasystemic distinction of a product of the same sector of the economy on the level of experience.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

5, 2014. Media zmieniającego się świata

Strony od 237 do 247

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