Kampania prezydencka 2015 roku w Polsce — wybrane aspekty politycznej tanatologii

  1. Wojciech Jabłoński


The 2015 presidential campaign in Poland — selected aspects of political thanatology

The mechanism of political death — though rarely diagnosed or even noticed in the media — remains a fact determining not only change of power in a strictly “electoral” sense, but also specific social phenomena that accompany it. The quality of leadership, ways of conducting dialogue with society (or lack of such interaction), efforts taken to remain in a position of power, finally, universal dissatisfaction of potential and actual voters with politics — these are just some elements of political death communication. The author analyses them all in the context of political communication and media discourse in connection with the electoral campaign before presidential elections in Poland.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

6, 2015. Teoria i praktyka medioznawstwa

Pages from 91 to 99

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