Prywatna żałoba na publicznych cmentarzach. Cmentarze dla zwierząt w kulturze w perspektywie antrozoologicznej na przykładzie wybranych obrazów filmowych

  1. Anna Woźniak


Private mourning in public cemeteries. Pet cemeteries in culture from the anthrozoological perspective. A film analysis

Cemeteries are the perfect example of a space where various spheres overlap with each other. There are intersections of such spheres as life/death, sacrum/profanum, public/private, individual/communal, sentimental/commercial in necropolises. The aim of this publication is to explore the private and public zones in pet cemeteries. Three popular films were analysed in the paper, namely: The Adams Family, Frankenweenie and Kochaj albo rzuć [Love or Leave]. In the analysis the author used an anthrozoological perspective which focuses on human and animals relations. Archeological studies show that animal burials are not a new idea, but a centuries-old tradition. On the other hand, sociological studies show that contemporary funeral industry is a really lucrative business. In two of the analysed films pet graves are in public pet cemeteries, in the third one animals are buried in a private, family necropolis.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

6, 2015. Teoria i praktyka medioznawstwa

Pages from 117 to 127

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