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„UFO mnie oszukało” — dyskurs publiczny w tabloidach na przykładzie „Faktu”

  1. Tomasz Łukasz Nowak


“I’ve been cheated by the UFO” — public discourse in tabloid papers as exemplified by Fakt

This article presents the phenomenon of media voyeurism — the act of enjoying watching other people’s private behaviour or suffering and sensationalism, as one of the basic needs of a contemporary tabloid consumer. The author considers the problem of publishing that which is private, intimate, for the benefit of the popularity of a chosen press title and in order to attract readers. The analysis of texts contained in Fakt presents the reality of its regular consumers — simple, abbridged, and condensed to a few utterances supplemented with attractive graphics. The reality full of extreme emotions which ultimately reduces the problem to a fundamental dichotomy: good–bad, we–they (strangers).

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

6, 2015. Teoria i praktyka medioznawstwa

Strony od 129 do 134

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