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Teoria ugruntowana w skrzynce z narzędziami badacza/ badaczki wizerunku dziennikarstwa obywatelskiego

  1. Aleksandra Kil


Grounded Theory in the toolbox of a citizen journalism researcher


This article presents briefly how the author conducts image analysis of citizen journalism. The research involves sociological methodology called Grounded Theory (to be more specific — its visual, constructivist version). The author not only describes the following stages of the project (from open coding to post-research literature review), but also indicates the benefits and drawbacks of the approach. Futhermore, the Grounded Theory is considered as a useful way applicable to critical discourse studies, as this field especially seems to require some new, unconventional methods for the well-equipped researcher’s toolbox.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

2, 2011. Kształtowanie wizerunku jako narzędzie public relations

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