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Reklama wizerunkowa — element etycznej komunikacji w usługach prawniczych

  1. Ewelina Kuczma


Image advertising — an element of ethical communication in legal services


Marketing of legal services in modern times is an extremely powerful weapon in its consequences, which, if used skillfully, can bring a law firm tangible benefits. The aim of this article is to highlight and discuss the ethical elements of marketing strategies, which are very helpful in building the image of a law firm. I also discuss the following problems: relationship marketing, public relations, advertising (in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics), information and persuasion. Communication with a client in the legal industry should be a permanent, planned process, which should be especially emphasised, because due to such a deliberate action a law firm can distinguish itself from its competitors.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

2, 2011. Kształtowanie wizerunku jako narzędzie public relations

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