Papież Franciszek. Jaki jest, jakim go postrzegamy? — wizerunek w przestrzeni komunikacji konfesyjnej

  1. Igor Borkowski



Pope Francis. What is he like, how do we perceive him? Image in confessional communication

The article combines descriptive data on the development, shaping and communication of the image of Jorge Bergoglio, from the moment of his election to the papacy and adoption of the name of Francis, with the author’s own research into the assessment and perception of Pope Francis. The author analyses the results of research into the evolution and evaluation of Pope Francis’ personal image, and points to the most important elements of the varied opinions on both the figure of the pope and his actions, exercise of social roles, risks and strengths of his image.


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Dziennikarstwo i Media

7, 2016. Media. Władza. Komunikacja

Pages from 27 to 39

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