Nowy wymiar niepełnosprawności? Rozważania na temat wpływu pojęć na wizerunek osób z różnymi dysfunkcjami

  1. Dorota Burczyc


A new dimension of disability? Reflections on the impact of concepts on the image of people with various dysfunctions

The work focuses on the impact of concepts on the image of people with disabilities. The article is based on research on interpretation of both “disabled person” and “person with disability” terms. The survey was performed among students at the University of Wroclaw at the Faculty of Philology.
The results of this study indicate the scale and scope of ignorance regarding the disability among society. Indicates on the gap caused by the mismatch of language with respect to the constantly changing quality of life of people with disabilities. Research results are important from the point of view of design­ing communication tools, especially social advertising.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

7, 2016. Media. Władza. Komunikacja

Strony od 63 do 72

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