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Ponowna instytucjonalizacja public relations a błędy popełniane przez strażników „ducha informacjonizmu”

  1. Weronika Madryas


Another institutionalisation of public relations and the mistakes made by the guardians of the “spirit of informationism”

The article focuses on a new, hypertextual model of public relations created by the author, who confronts it with the practice of information management in contemporary organisations.
The theoretical foundation of the concept of public relations proposed by the author can be found in the division which was introduced by the classics J. Grunig and T. Hunt and which has been expanded to include the virtual (new media) layer of communication as well as an analysis of its impact on corporate dialogue.
Despite the fact that the author’s model of information management helps with putting into practice the model of symmetrical bilateral communication — sometimes seen as utopian in the literature on the subject — and turning PR into a function of strategic management, this does not protect organisations from mistakes made by PR specialists. In such a perspective the main aim of the article is to demonstrate the significance of the right choice of PR personnel to an organisation’s communication success.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

7, 2016. Media. Władza. Komunikacja

Strony od 73 do 83

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