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Niewidzialne, niezauważalne, nieeksportowane, niepromowane? Kino hiszpańskie jako kino (trans)narodowe

  1. Marta Kaprzyk


Invisible, unnoticeable, not exported, not promoted? Spanish cinema as (trans)national cinema

Traditionally, the term „national cinema” referred to films produced within the boundaries of one par­ticular country, and it ignored the complexity of the movie as a social and cultural practice. However, changes in film production in past decades have made it exceptionally difficult to delimit the national borders of particular cinematographies: the development of systems of co-productions, international film crews, and movements across borders of filmic styles and genres make it possible to conceive Spanish cinema in terms of transnationality. The aim of this article is to discuss the most important factors that shape Spanish contemporary cinematography, as well as to suggest the possible means of analysing and describing it within the concepts of “national” and “transnational” cinema.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

7, 2016. Media. Władza. Komunikacja

Strony od 147 do 158

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