Czy ryba może być z selera tak jak kaban z kury? O nazwach potraw na wegańskich blogach (i stołach)

  1. Tomasz Łukasz Nowak


Can fish be made of celery like pork made of chicken? On the names of dishes on vegan blogs (and tables)

Recurring discussions, not only on the internet, about the names of vegetarian and vegan dishes drawing on the names of meat dishes (or dairy dishes) have become an inspiration for research which, I hope, will help answer the following question: “Can fish be made of celery like pork made of chicken?”. Drawing on, among others, a lexicographic analysis of selected names, their neosemanticisation, functions of culinary onyms as well as the basic premises of general semantics, I will endeavour to present the motivation of the authors of the analysed blogs, which prompts them to assign to plant dishes names with connotations suggesting their animal origin.

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Dziennikarstwo i Media

8, 2017. Kody i strategie w komunikacji

Strony od 183 do 196

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